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Body by Henson, brain by Seuss.

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Kelly J. Cooper
aclu, adventures, all kinds of food, alt.callahans, art, artbeat, arts & crafts, arts and crafts, beading, beads, bike path, books, boston, cafés, cartoons, chevre, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, circlet press, civil rights, coffee houses, color, comics, comix, comixpedia, communication, community, community building, compost, confounding expectations, conservation, cooking, crafts, crankiness, creativity, creepy statues, dark chocolate, davis, davis square, diesel, diesel cafe, diesel café, dim sum, diy, drawing, dreams, eddie izzard, editing, editors, elbows, essays, examining myself, exploring, faeries, fantasy, feminism, fictional characters, folklore, food, forgiveness, found objects, freedom, funk, gardening, gardens, geeks, good conversations, gossamer commons, green roofs, honesty, human rights, humor, ice cream, idealism, ideas, imagination, intelligence, internet security, joy, kindness, language, learning, liberty, local businesses, massachusetts, max headroom, mbta, mediation, monsters, multiculturalism, music, mystery, mythical creatures, mythology, neighborhoods, nerds, network security, oceans, optimism, painting, parks, philip k dick, philip k. dick, pizza, poetry, porter square, psychology, public transit, reading, red line, red sox, research, science fiction, short stories, sidewalks, sketching, sleeping, social structures, someday, someday cafe, someday café, somerville, somerville theatre, spirituality, squares, stand up comedy, stand-up, storms, subverting the dominant paradigm, sushi, suspects, sustainability, talk.bizarre, teaching, the t, thinking, travel, urban, vermiculture, walking, water, webcomics, websnark, websnark.com, wild insanity, worms, writing, ya books, young adult novels

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