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Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Ghost Touring Cambridge [Oct. 27th, 2014|01:02 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I bought the tickets for a ghost tour through Living Social (which essentially got me 2 tickets for the price of one) back in July & scheduled it in August. It's pretty low-key & history-based, but a cute event. (Apparently there's a competing tour group with costumes, drama, & made-up stories.)

Per the website -- http://www.cambridgehaunts.com/ -- it's based on Sam Baltrusis' book GHOSTS OF CAMBRIDGE: HAUNTS OF HARVARD SQUARE & BEYOND (which in turn is a Haunted America book), but there was some additional material that was tour-only (specifically Jolly Jane Toppan, the Sumner-Brooks Affair [detailed while standing in front of Sumner's statue], and the mad bell-ringer of Lowell House, none of which appear in the book). I know this because I bought & read the book last night.

Allow me to elaborate a little on Jolly Jane and show you some pics...
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It Works Now [Oct. 6th, 2014|08:52 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I fried my brain so thoroughly over the past few weeks (with nonstop work, both editing and working for the MYP/doing events for the MYP) that I let my domain kjcedits.com lapse. I fixed it within 18 hours of it going offline, but if you got a bounce from me, that's why.

Yeah. It's only the way I make the majority of my living. Smaht. Wicked smaht.
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Ferguson, Violence, and the Evolution of the Media Perspective [Aug. 21st, 2014|11:47 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I posted this to Facebook around 3am Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

I didn't post it here because I wanted to make sure I didn't write anything atrocious before putting it into the public sphere.

On Saturday, 9 August 2014, 18-year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by police in the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri.

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[Note that since I wrote this, President Obama dispatched US Attorney General Eric Holder to Ferguson and the curfew's been lifted. A grand jury is either in the process of being convened or has been convened (which could be problematic as they are very secretive things by nature). Congress is talking about the militarization of police in a much more concerned fashion. Even the Pentagon is supposedly rethinking their policy of passing along equipment and weaponry.]
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Getting It Done [Aug. 2nd, 2014|02:56 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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Today, I...
  • Got up at a reasonable hour (for me) ahead of the arrival of my body doublin' pal Gail!
  • Cleaned up, sorted, put away, or recycled a pile of crap while socializing with Gail
  • Read some comics I had unearthed & was desperately seeking
  • Figured out how to delete empty notebooks from Evernote (after figuring out how to add notes to notebooks last week)
  • Registered my camera (bought & in use since in March)
  • Looked up manuals for my camera, PasswordSafe (downloaded in April), and Evernote (downloaded & in use since May) per a TO DO list in Evernote
  • Moved a list of things I used to know how to do & want to relearn to Evernote/my phone
  • Moved a list of things I want to learn how to do to Evernote/my phone
  • Downloaded an app to support one of the things I want to learn (Italian)
  • Otherwise reorganized my Evernote lists for increased efficiency
  • Reordered one of my supplements that I can only get online BEFORE I ran out of it (although it probably won't arrive before i run out, that's still better than usual)
  • Followed up on & confirmed appointment for next week
  • Put multiple events & reminders into my calendar

It's goofy, but part of the reason some of these things got done is because I've previously made the conscious decision to use certain tools that are easier for me, like Thunderbird for email since it has a detailed search function.

And tags over on Livejournal, because I can find things way more easily (even though I probably use way less than half of the 1,000+ tags I have more than once, when I do need them, they are great).

And my smarty-pants phone, for which I am VERY grateful as it has made reminders, calendar/event tracking, to do lists, and the like much easier to manage all in one place.
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Documentary About THE MILLION YEAR PICNIC Comic Shop [Jul. 30th, 2014|12:32 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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This is my comic shop. It was not my first shop - that one was back in New Brunswick, NJ. But it has been my shop longer than that other store (since 1994) and I've been working there for 7 years now. (HOLY CRAP, SEVEN YEARS!)

If you love comics, maybe you'd enjoy pitching in for this project? It's a documentary about The Million Year Picnic:

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Urban Design [Jul. 20th, 2014|11:34 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I'm planning on going to Christine McLaren's Keynote on "contemplat[ing] the intersection of urban realities & environmental issues." She's the author of Happy City: Transforming Our Lives Through Urban Design, which sounds cool. If I enjoy the event, I'll attend the other 2 in this series. Wanna come along?

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Get Off My Damn Lawn! Or, TV Obsession [Jun. 24th, 2014|03:13 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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What the hell is wrong with nerds these days? Back in the 90s, when hardly anyone had Internet connectivity, you couldn't login without stumbling across someone's detailed analysis of the latest issue of SANDMAN.

Now everyone & her infant has the Internet in her pocket, but I can't even find one person annotating Showtime's PENNY DREADFUL.

For shame.

And speaking of TV obsessions, I believe that, in ATLANTIS, the BBC (well, BBC America) has achieved a level addictive cheeseball adventure unseen in this world since XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS jumped the shark. Dude.
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Nerd Holidays: TOWEL DAY [May. 25th, 2014|01:16 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
[Tags|, , , , ]


Y'know... cuz it's Towel Day!

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Goddammit [May. 15th, 2014|11:49 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper

Stupid new interface broke my filters and by the time I realized they were gone, the "go back" option was no longer available.

Anybody know how I can go back at least to get my filters?

Hating this week so hard...
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Mobility and Autonomy [Mar. 13th, 2014|08:57 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper
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[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

This is an introductory video (4:48 minutes long) and website introducing the Go Baby Go! project and the idea of modifying ride-along toys to be used by kids with various movement-related disabilities.


It seems to me that our community would be a good one to churn a bunch of these out. I wonder how we might do that... Cuz they look WAY more fun than wheelchairs.
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