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Little Bitta Status Report - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Little Bitta Status Report [Feb. 2nd, 2008|03:17 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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Created a yaoi section at MYP in the adult comics area. This meant I could unwrap the explicit ones for people to peruse. I should research more titles in this area to make sure we've got an appealing selection (feel free to chime in with your favorite titles if you're a reader). But I still need to email/post next week's shiplist.

Dan Parmenter says "Hi" to those who remember him.

I slept like the proverbial chunk o'tree last night, as my body collapsed after the missed night of sleep. Overslept, of course. Still exhausted, of course.

I'm overdue on Circlet, coaching, Garden Club, and MYP stuff.

I'm up to date on stuff that needed editing and have an active client who will probably send me more materials next week. I'm up to date on billing all of my editing clients and am due a little chunk of change.

I paid a bill! Woo-hoo! (Yeah, it's been a while for those. *sigh* But my cell phone service is completely paid up.)

I may have some old-fashioned network security consulting work coming up. I should wash some clothes or something.

I'm being lame about promoting my editing business (I have 50 copies of my latest flyer for my flyer guy to post; although I did put up a new one at MYP and one at the Oxford Spa) and returning confused calls from potential clients.

I'm up to date on tutoring my client in English idiom but behind on tutoring another client in basic computer/Internet usage (I need to research setting up simple websites for her).

With regard to LJ, I'm behind on book reviews for the end of 2007, Black History Month, best graphic novels of 2007, a summary of life changes from 2007, and actually writing out the story I have in my head based on another writing prompt ya'll gave me a while back.

With regard to writing for pay, I bought an e-book on essay markets which I read, narrowed down to a handful of interesting choices, and went out and bought copies of most of those magazine to peruse in order to get a feel for their publication before submitting a query or completed piece. That was a month ago, or so? And I've done nothing since. Damned fear. And lameness.

That's about it.

[User Picture]From: metagnat
2008-02-02 10:20 am (UTC)
To hell with fear and lameness. It sounds like you've got tons going on, not the least of which is lots and lots of tiredness, periodically. I think you're doing well and getting a lot done.

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