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Envy - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Envy [Nov. 1st, 2007|02:09 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I am deeply envious of miss_chance, totient, and aroraborealis (and also, their other housemate, whose LJ I do not know) at An Undisclosed Location and the Lexington Street reputation.

I got maaaaybe 20 kids.


My decorated porch will remain on display until probably Saturday. I've asked the BF to plug in the lights when he gets home (for the next couple days). I added a skull, which I used zipties to attach to the porch railing to thwart gravity and hopefully prevent theft. (Zipties are also the secret to the giant web; one ziptie and some fishing line are the secret to the giant spider.)

Notes for next year:
  • Getting prepared early is AWESOME.
  • Next year, prepare early WITH THE NEIGHBORS and maybe we can get more attention from the candy seekers.
  • The BF was away and I failed to get a punkin, so that was a lose. Get a punkin early next year, even if it won't get carved until the 30th or 31st (they last quite a while uncarved).
  • Forget the tape and just stuff the shpooky curtain material between the porch roof and the edging; better yet, use the tape to stiffen the top so that it has more bulk for stuffing.
  • Square bottoms on the shpooky curtains just ain't shpooky; trim them to ragged or pointed shapes. If you shear off too much, tape the extra bit to another strip to vary the length.
  • Stretching for the really bedraggled look only works on newer bags; older bags just break.
  • Tape and plastic bags love each other; this is seriously freakin' annoying.
  • The plastic garbage bags are actually recycled; they previously contained our down comforters during the summer months. REMEMBER to save them next year too!
  • Maybe more strips of plastic, taped randomly around to blow shpookily in the wind. Or whispy white stuff (shredded cheesecloth?).
  • The clippy bats and plastic skelingtons are too small to be noticeable; consider attaching them to the stairs' handrails or making something different with all the skellys together. (Like a weirdly lit jar of little skellys!)
  • Next year, don't forget to get a colored gel or weirdo lightbulb to change the porch light.
  • I finally used a glue gun! IT WAS EXCELLENT! (Glued the big spider to the outside of the egg sac; remember to glue the sac FIRST and attach the spider; do not glue the spider and try to attach it to the sac.)
  • Make a MUCH BIGGER SPIDER EGG SAC. This one was too small to be noticeable. I still have the other leg of the pantyhose.
  • Lay in a supply of small, medium, and large plastic spiders EARLY. They're either tough to find or snapped up early. (The ones in the egg sac are actually spider rings clipped down to a small size with all the lopped-off plasticky bits stuck in to make it look like there are more spiders than there actually are.)
  • Squishy body parts candy is very popular if you offer it up in a creepy voice.
  • Seriously consider making the fog chilling system from the garbage can and dryer vent tubing. While the whispy fog was nice, it blew away really quickly and most of the kids had no idea what it was. ("Is that smoke?")
  • Work on tombstones for the front yard, maybe with little lights for each.
  • Next year, consider the black rose wreath; Paper Source has the right wreath form.
  • Maybe little punkins or bats in the individual window panes of the storm door? Or charge and then tape up the little glowing skellingtons?
  • More little mice and mouseholes for the risers - six may seem like a lot of them, but it's NOT!
  • Make big cardboard cut-outs for the other front-facing window. Put a light behind them (inside the house). The storms are about 25" square.
  • Maybe crepe paper for the aluminum siding? Something to make it look less... wholesome. Oooh, black crepe paper would make a fine substitute for plastic bags...
  • Bring the empty water bottles INSIDE next year.
  • Pick up another orange curly light rope for the other railing. Maybe two for the pillars?
  • Zipties kick ASS for attaching the giant spider web. Remember that it takes four to go around the square pillar, two for all parts of the railing, and one each for the eyehook and the flag pole mount.
  • While using a ziptie to attach the spider to the web was a good idea, it was actually heavy enough to cause the web to sag. Next year, use fishing line right from the start.
  • Having a project to work on while waiting for the kids is a nice way to pass the time.
  • Bring out the candy, bowls, scotch tape, clear packing tape, scissors, fishing line, wire, zipties, pre-made decorations, fog machine, fog juice, power strip, glue gun, and any to-be-assembled decorations (plus the tools ya need to assemble them) ALL out at THE SAME TIME so you don't have to keep going back and forth. Also, snag some wire-cutters to clip the zipties; scissors suck for doing that.
  • ETA: Invite people over for treats and a viewing!
That's all I can think of right now.

[User Picture]From: aroraborealis
2007-11-01 09:15 am (UTC)
Our fourth housemate is fraterrisus.

You'll just have to work on gradually raising your street's reputation so that in 10 years, carloads of kids get dropped off there, too! Good start!
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-11-25 06:23 pm (UTC)

testing this one...

Very interesting... as always! Cheers from -Switzerland-.
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