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Thanks and Random Notes About My Week - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Thanks and Random Notes About My Week [Aug. 17th, 2007|01:16 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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Folks, thanks for giving me so so much to think about.

Side note: I just wrote a review of the first mini comic I ever bought for the Picnic here over in millionyear.

This week, I haven't managed to do ANYTHING on time or talk to anyone when they actually called me. The result has been lots of late nights and calling people back...

I finished the really interesting dissertation I was editing on Monday night. Quite late, but the client is happy and paid me in full via PayPal. I've already moved the money to my bank account and as soon as that transfer goes through, I can bring my bank balance back into the triple digits. Whipped through editing a medical essay introduction Monday night. Tried unsuccessfully to unscrew my sleep schedule and mostly managed to sleep through the day on Tuesday. Got up in time to work with muffyjo on some stuff late into the evening.

Napped through the afternoon Wednesday (after waking up for a trip to my pshrink nurse and the newly expanded -but still failing to carry the stuff I want from them, dammit- Whole Foods in Fresh Pond).

Found an interesting article on "smart smut" in Boston Magazine's "Best of Boston 2007" issue, which I bought at Whole Foods. It doesn't mention Circlet. More on that next week, probably.

I did manage to ship a good-sized pile of books for Circlet Wednesday night, the result of a startling uptick in eBay sales (sales are usually pretty soft over the summer). The BF dropped me off at the house after we went food shopping, which we hadn't done in quite a while.

Today (Thursday) I worked at the Picnic again, and finally remembered to email out this week's shiplist. *sigh* Posted it to millionyear when I got home.

Tomorrow is more Picnic work (2:30-10pm) and then Saturday I'm going to try and get a million different things done, including getting the monthly Somerville Garden Club newsletter all edited early. Sunday, back at the Picnic (1:30-9pm). Next week I'm hoping to synch up with my coaching clients.

Stuff I need to remember:
  • BANK! Stupid DBA problem...
  • Send out next week's shiplist TOMORROW (Friday)
  • Newsletter by the 20th!
  • Feed the worms
  • Get shelves on the walls
  • Finish up with my last editing client of the past few weeks (chi squares!)
  • Go back and finish up old projects
  • Write about Herc Brown (new comic)
  • Find the missing 30 Days of Night trade so I can write a review of the series
  • Write a review of Linda Medley's Castle Waiting hardcover (volume 1) once we get it back in stock
  • Get the damnable coaching website online