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Happy Cheese Weasel Day! - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Happy Cheese Weasel Day! [Apr. 3rd, 2007|01:24 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
[Tags|, ]

Props to infinitehotel who not only reminds us that it's CHEESE WEASEL DAY, but also provides the lyrics to the song.


I first heard of Cheese Weasel Day from dglenn back in 1992 - he writes about how he found out about it here, complete with links to the original emails. I believe dglenn to be the original vector for The Cheese Weasel's appearance on the Internets.

[User Picture]From: infinitehotel
2007-04-03 09:06 am (UTC)
I credit DGlenn too. I used his mail as my intro to the holiday for many years.

And hey, that makes it at least 15 years of Cheese Weasel Day for me!

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[User Picture]From: kjc
2007-04-03 06:39 pm (UTC)
I didn't mean to imly that you didn't credit DGlenn.

It's just that when I googled, to find the original email & year, DGlenn didn't come up at all! Hence my note.

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