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You guys, I adulted so hard on Tuesday! I was late to my polling place, but I still arrived more than 15 minutes before the doors opened. I worked a 14 hour day and didn't yell at anybody! I put out the garbage before I left and brought the cans back after I got home! I even showered so the voters wouldn't have to deal with a stinky Election Official!

No Jack stories, because Great Grandma Pat didn't want to work the polls this time around. I understand it was a transportation issue. Ah well. I did meet the most energetic five-year-old in the entire world. She is also the best sticker-giver-outer I've ever met.

We had quite a few people take Republican ballots to vote against Trumpf (I assume, based on their "Never said that before!" types of comments after requesting a Republican ballot). If you want to be unenrolled, you can be and you stay unenrolled no matter which party's ballot you pick.

Of 2,760 registered voters in the precinct I worked (Ward 6, Precinct 2), 1,493 cast ballots, so 54%. Unofficial totals here:


The Primaries are Thursday, 8 September 2016. However, Friday, 19 August 2016 is your last day to register to vote and change party enrollment for the State Primary in Somerville, MA.

If you are going to be out of town on the day of the Primaries, ARRANGE TO GET AN ABSENTEE BALLOT. It's easy. Check the Elections page on the Somerville government website:

Also, Somerville needs poll workers! If you are 18 years old or over, can get a day off (or if you work for yourself such that you can arrange your schedule), can handle arriving at your location by 6:30am, can work through a 14 hour day, can follow instructions, and are able to keep partisan comments to yourself, then by all means PLEASE sign up! We aren't volunteers; we're compensated $140 for the day. We get breaks of two hours, which can be taken together or separately. Visit the Elections office in the basement of Somerville City Hall to sign up.

(I'm assuming that if you can read my post, you've already got the necessary grasp of both the alphabet and basic math required to do the job.)

Rules & stuff people keep forgetting:
- You can't wear anything advocating a candidate into the polling location (buttons, bags, t-shirts, etc.).
- Reporters aren't allowed inside the polling location.
- Sign-holders aren't allowed within (I think) 50' of the polling location's doors.
- You may not take a selfie with a filled-out ballot. (Pictures in general are discouraged, but I don't have the exact law handy.)
- If you don't fill out your census every fall, you will become an inactive voter and will have to show ID to the Warden or Clerk (and wait for them to fill out a form) in order to be allowed to vote.
- If you MOVE, you must change your address with the election office in order to be allowed to vote in your new Ward/Precinct. Otherwise, you can still vote in your old location.
- If you need help, just ask. If you make a mistake on your ballot, it's OK, you can have another one. If you need one of us to carry the ballot to the kiosk or table for you, we can do that.
- We organize voter names (for both check-in and check-out) by the name of your STREET first, address NUMBER second, and then LAST NAME. Your unit # or apartment # will only confuse the crap out of the Election Official trying to look you up in her book. The A-K and L-Z in front of our tables are for the name of your STREET, not your last name.
- No pets. Only service animals are allowed inside the polling stations.

We have never run out of stickers at any of the several polling locations I have worked. So far as I can tell, Somerville takes its "I VOTED" sticker situation very seriously.

Also? We really don't care who you voted for, honest.

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