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Link List Round-up: May & June 2015

Great. LJ has some new posting format that covers the first 2 lines of my posting window. UNGGGH. Gah. Whatever. WAIT! Switching back & forth between the Visual editor tab & HTML tab seems to have fixed it. Stupid interface.

The following link is to a deeply affecting & intense piece of science fiction that's very well written; it's a longish short story. I got it from Mary Anne Mohanraj via FB.
"The New Mother" by Eugene Fischer
First published in Asimov’s Science Fiction (2015) edited by Sheila Williams

Ash Versus the Evil Dead is a TV series coming to Starz in the fall. The show will appear in 30 minute segments. I'm actually kind of excited for this:

In which we learn that passion can overcome any boundary, even academic snobbery, we have "On Pins and Needles: Stylist Turns Ancient Hairdo Debate on Its Head: Ms. Stephens Says Ornate Coiffures Weren't Wigs After All; The Vestal Virgin Challenge" from the Wall Street Journal, amusingly enough. I've never found hair more interesting. Found via Laura Antoniou on FB.
By Abigail Pesta, Feb. 6, 2013 10:38 p.m. ET

Back on 4 June 2015, The Boston Globe announced that "Starting this week, Soofa 'smart' benches will be installed across the country" and noted that Toscanini's got one of the first ones (because what else would you expect from the favorite ice cream shop of MIT nerds?). Found via the Tosci's folks, maybe even Gus himself, on FB:

For a laugh, we have "62 Things the Avengers are Not Allowed to Do" on the Tumblrs, where the cool kids hang out I'm told:

So The Pencilsword is a comic by Toby Morris and this is #10, "On a plate" which was posted on Friday 22nd May 2015 and does a beautiful job of illustrating privilege. Interesting to me that I found it via Dan Piraro, the guy who writes Bizarro Comics (although he's stopping soon) on FB (he has a page there where he posts links to his comics on a regular basis):

I found "A Simple Tool for a More Positive Home" by Rachel Macy Stafford (posted way back in May of 2013) recently via Heidi Schmidt on FB & I really appreciated the positive message. Although it's written for parents, I think it's a good philosophy overall:

In the article "Criticism and Ineffective Feedback," Kate Heddleston talks about how critical feedback is crap and you should praise what's working. This is really similar, in a way, to Stafford's article about a positive home. But it's more oriented toward grown-ups. And it's a skill I'd really like to master.

Finally, if you don't go on Facebook much but you do have an account there, I'd be much obliged if you'd "Like" my work page, KJC Edits. I'm trying to boost its visibility sufficiently that it will bring me work. I'm even spending money on an ad campaign. Every clicky helps. Thanks!

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