Kelly J. Cooper (kjc) wrote,
Kelly J. Cooper

Get Off My Damn Lawn! Or, TV Obsession

What the hell is wrong with nerds these days? Back in the 90s, when hardly anyone had Internet connectivity, you couldn't login without stumbling across someone's detailed analysis of the latest issue of SANDMAN.

Now everyone & her infant has the Internet in her pocket, but I can't even find one person annotating Showtime's PENNY DREADFUL.

For shame.

And speaking of TV obsessions, I believe that, in ATLANTIS, the BBC (well, BBC America) has achieved a level addictive cheeseball adventure unseen in this world since XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS jumped the shark. Dude.
Tags: annotation, comics, frankenstein, monsters, penny dreadful, sf, sf&f, sff, tv, vampires

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