Kelly J. Cooper (kjc) wrote,
Kelly J. Cooper

Friday Night Light Housekeeping

Editing, editing, editing. I'm very excited to have so much work. I even updated my spreadsheet today with info because I picked up a check on Thursday & a wire transfer today & brought the paperwork from both upstairs to remind me to put the data into the file. (When I get a check in the mail, I write the amount & date on the envelope & keep it; eventually it migrates upstairs for the "paid" pile but lately I've been doing it in a more organized & regular fashion.)

I also got my annual skin check. Because I have so many skin conditions, I see a dermatologist & I should get checked out annually, tho it works out to once every 1-3 years, which isn't too bad. Plus a B-12 shot. Ow.

I did my 15-minutes in the kitchen again. It's a much more achievable goal than finishing the living room and it will cheer up the BF.

Amusing bonus. I realized when I grabbed the new timer, the gift from lillibet I mentioned last week, that it actually says "15 min" on one face. I happened to leave it on top of a pile in the living room right where I sit, so it's kind of a bonus reminder to DO MY THING.

I still love my little point-n-shoot camera, a gift from the BF a few years ago. Tho I usually take less fuzzy photos than this one.

Gonna be a long weekend of TONS of editing.

ETA: Also! Finally figured out how to resubmit my 2010 taxes & did that! Knocking stuff off the BIG TO DO as well as the little TO DOs.

Tags: 15-minutes, add, adhd, clean, clean-up, cleaning, editing, getting things done, gtd, organize, work

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