Kelly J. Cooper (kjc) wrote,
Kelly J. Cooper

Lifestyle Choices

Many of my friends roll out of bed and check email.

I do not.

I often roll out of bed and GO someplace (usually to a job or an appointment). Best case scenario, I get out of bed, then shower, then dress, then maybe, MAYBE check email before leaving. I sometimes check some of my email accounts (apocalypse and porklips, mainly) on some of my jobs, but not others.

Often I come home and flop down. I might talk to the BF, or watch TV, or eat dinner, or head out for some event. Sometimes I even go directly from a job to an event, without stopping home, which means I don't check email. Or I only stop home long enough to drop off a bag or change clothes.

Checking email sometimes comes at the END of the day and the end of the day might be around midnight. Or even later.

Just a note for my friends to keep in mind when trying to reach me (especially in the mornings).

If you need me for some specific thing by some specific time, CALL me. If you don't have the number, email me for it and I'll happily share.
Tags: contact, email, kjc maintenance, phone
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