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This Thursday's Work - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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This Thursday's Work [Feb. 11th, 2011|02:08 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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Ugh. Slept all damn day again. (Climbed into bed around 4am, then couldn't sleep for a couple of hours due to racing thoughts, so I was tired when I woke up around 3pm and fell back to sleep after a bathroom break and my medication.)

I haven't been taking my ribose lately because I keep waking up late in the day & not wanting to energize myself before bed.

CLEARLY this is a mistake. So I took some, fairly late tonight, after having the revelation. And put some in a container to take to bed with me, so I'll take some when I wake up. *sigh*

Before the ribose, I wrote a check to an organization I belong to as a Freelance Editor that sometimes nets me jobs & always helps me network. (I've been trying to remember to write this stupid check for A MONTH.) Later, I wrote my excise tax check. (I just got the notice today, but if I don't pay it while I'm thinking of it, I'll forget & then the boyfriend will nag me for 2 months & I'll end up paying a late fee. Feh.)

Dinner was the BF's home-made lasagna with a side of brussel sprouts. Yes, I like brussel sprouts, especially in late winter when they get sweeter.

And, after TV (but before ribose), I sorted through all the books I'd dumped into box #3, pulled all the non-zombie books out of box #1, put the zombie books I've recently read/unearthed into box #1 & the pile I pulled out into box #3. Then I added a bunch more stuff & box #3 is nearly full & documented. I also crossed out the non-zombie stuff from box #1 & created an extra box #1 page & stapled it to the original. So my 15 minutes got done. (TV was The Big Bang Theory, Bones, & The Mentalist; I'll watch CSI later through Comcast's OnDemand feature.)

Then, after taking my ribose, I went downstairs with the collection bin from our shredder. I cleaned off and rebuilt the old worm bin, then threw in a layer of shredded paper, then a layer of pre-soaked coir, and mixed them up. Then another layer of shredded paper (emptying the bin) and another layer of pre-soaked coir, and mixed everything up. Then one more layer of paper from the plastic bag of it I have downstairs and I threw in some water I'd been airing out (you're not supposed to use water from the tap directly in a worm bin; instead, you let it sit out for a day to disperse any chemicals they might use for purification) and mixed that up.

Sifted a couple more scoops of old vermicast & dumped the unfinished stuff that wouldn't fit through the sifter into the newly filled bin. I'll add more water tomorrow (or Saturday, if I'm lame) and then dump the worms in from the new bin.