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Positive Shifts - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Positive Shifts [Mar. 21st, 2010|01:25 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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When last I posted, it was Wednesday night/Thursday morning and there was much whinging.

Then it got better...

Thursday, I managed to drag my butt out of bed, grab a shower, and have lunch with a client. Afterward, I dropped off a prescription, stopped at a toy shop, ran an errand in Davis Square, bought a loaf of multi-grain seeded bread from When Pigs Fly Bakery, stopped home for an hour (read email, mostly), then went to my weekly therapy session, checked my mailbox en route back, picked up my 'scrip, bought a couple of things at Cambridge Naturals in Porter Square, deposited a pay check at my bank, and headed home (again!) for the evening, where I sent several professional-type emails.

My to-do lists came in quite handy helping me remember all the stops I wanted to make, shit I needed to get, and emails I wanted to send.

That night I took two Tylenol PMs (my back AND feet were killing me from all the walking) & slept well. A little too well, because it was a PITA to wake up for work. But, I managed to only be 70 minutes late (GAH!) and had a fairly productive day at the MYP with my Friday shift partner, Andrew. Plus, with a visit from Grand Pooh-bah Tony, I got two important bits of paperwork taken care of, which was quite the relief. Got lots of stuff done at work, including remembering to get change for the weekend AND shipping a package that had been forgotten earlier in the week. On my way out, I bought the first volume of PLANETARY by Warren Ellis & John Cassaday in preparation for reviewing volume four in a couple of weeks. Once home, I read it while the BF made a delicious dinner. Also, the BF picked up my new parking sticker while I was at work, so I don't have to!

Saturday (which is still today, so far as I'm concerned, cuz I haven't slept yet) I didn't manage to wake up until after 4pm, but when I did, I got up, ate my pills, showered, and dragged the BF on a long walk down to Union Square via Summer Street. Gorgeous day, lovely walk, lots of fun talking with him about Somerville politics and development and the Garden Club. I picked up the second volume of PLANETARY at Hub Comics (the MYP was out of it) and we headed home via Somerville Ave. There are a metric buttload of mechanics on Somerville Ave. Every time I walk that stretch, I'm amazed at how many there are.

Again, I read PLANETARY while the BF made a delicious dinner. Volume three awaits me in my folder at the MYP - I'll pick it up tomorrow, after my shift. (I bought volume four a while back, shortly after it first came out.) After I read three, I'll be ready to tackle four and maybe the final issue will actually start to make sense to me.

I have another small writing gig from a BU student - I love BU students, they have so much writing-related homework - and I'll have more work coming up next week and in the weeks that follow, per those professional emails and client lunch I mentioned earlier!

I also set up some Google alerts to try & catch specific types of writing gigs. Which meant logging into my Google email for the first time in three months. Oops. Missed a few things in there. Dammit. Also, took me several tries to get the wording even close to useful for the alerts. We'll see how they go.

Upshot: things are better. I still can't quite predict WHEN SLEEP ATTACKS and I miss all my appointments or fuck up my plans for the day. Those days are not good days. But setting up a to-do list the night before, splitting that to-do list into tasks FOR THAT DAY and a separate list for more general tasks that need to get done and that I don't want to forget is incredibly helpful. Writing in a journal IN ADDITION to that is also helpful. This MUST be three separate tasks. I've tried them in various combination before and they've never helped this much (or maybe my brain wasn't ready, I dunno, but I'm more inclined to believe that I need them as three separate things because they are addressing three separate categories of stuff that buzzes through my brain).

[User Picture]From: muffyjo
2010-03-21 10:59 am (UTC)
Sounds good and productive. Go you! And you sound like your drawer of spoons* has grown larger.

*link to spoon theory story in pdf format
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[User Picture]From: wonderreader
2010-03-21 01:13 pm (UTC)

positive shifts, spoons

Hope the positives continue. Read the "spoons" link - what a powerful concept. Wish I could give you both more "spoons". Before my knee surgery, I used to think in the number of "steps" I had for the day - spoons is more comprehensive. thank you.
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