May 22nd, 2011

ireland, kjc

All The Chocolate

Made it to The Chocolate Brunch at Café Flueri in Hotel Langham with rmd and muffyjo Saturday afternoon to finish off my birthday celebration and help celebrate Jo's birthday too!


More than 100 different chocolate desserts and almost NO protein (except for the chocolate or vanilla crêpes and the chocolate crust/banana-spoo/bacon-topped thingy - which, incidentally, was absolutely fuckin' amazing & my favorite thing there). Next time, I'll have some scrambled eggs first. Woo!

Nice, very fun, nobody double-dipping in the giant chocolate fountain and the woman making truffles by hand wore gloves. (Pumpkin chocolate truffles FTW!)

Faced with an absolutely overwhelming number of choices, I tried at least a dozen different things... no more than twenty, I'd guess. Tiny muffins, mousses, flavored chocolates, things with tiny crispy chocolate balls on top, things made with pana cotta, things made with fleur de sel, things made with fruits. The only rule was it had to have some chocolate on or in it, somewhere. I mostly avoided things made with nuts as I have had enough of blisters. I would have documented everything but it was pretty much impossible. Lots of people wandered around with cameras and took pictures of various desserts and tho I brought my camera, I was more interested in the experience than the documentation.

And while I highly recommend the experience, I was a bit disappointed that there were no chocolate chip pancakes or additional chocolate-bacon adventures. Mmm, bacon.