May 17th, 2011

ireland, kjc

Time's Swift Passage

The only downside of this weekend is that I ended up with a big blister on my lip Sunday night. Ouch! I don't know if it was too much arginine or the physical stress of mild windburn and lots of different foods or what. I also worked Sunday and managed to do something good for my boss, PLUS I got to see candle_light and family again! Twice in one weekend! I think that's a record.

Last week, I was sufficiently distracted by Birthday Events as to miss out on all kinds of stuff: other people's lives, events, and my 15-minutes project.

I had a really nice, sleepy dozy day today. Eventually I got up & ate a little food and watched the VERY TENSE Chicago Code and the CLIFF-HANGIN' Castle. The BF made pasta with shrimp in a white sauce that was super tasty.

After TV, I cranked up the news & did another 15 minutes of clean-up in the kitchen.

And after THAT, I caught up a little bit on my LJ friends' list and a little bit on Facebook.

I also got a birthday card from my folks today that says on the outside:

"Wear some cool boots. Cool boots make you feel like you can handle anything."

Then, on the Collapse )

I love my folks.
ireland, kjc

Donation Bags Are GONE!

Drove down to Norwood to see my psychiatrist & noticed a Salvation Army Family Center on the other side of Route 1 - the side I would be on once I completed my appointment!

So I went through the appointment - we're boosting my generic Wellbutrin to 200mg - and on the way back, I stopped in and got rid of the THREE BIG BAGS of clothes I've been meaning to donate and that have been sitting in my car for more than TWO YEARS! It's not the place I would have liked to have dropped off the donation; nevertheless it's DONE.