May 3rd, 2011

ireland, kjc

Open Studios & Productivity

This past weekend, I made it to 4 Somerville Open Studios locations and saw the work of about a dozen artists/crafters. (Three locations within steps of my house plus Mad Oyster Studio, where I made it through three studios before running out of time & energy.)

I also worked 11+ hours at the comic shop over the weekend.

Not much else got done.

I'm still editing quite a bit; a new client with lots of papers, plus regular clients with additional work.

Last week's weird allergic reaction (whose source is still undetermined) which caused bumps and blisters and swelling and itching on my chin, lips, and nose has gone down through the use of an aggressive run of anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine drugs. My lips got so chapped, well... yeah, it was gross. And ouchie. Stupid pain.

I'm actually STILL using the spreadsheet I set up a month ago to track clients and payments for 2011, since I've convinced myself it's not only easier when tax time rolls around but I can ALSO use it to make sure that I actually get PAID by everyone who owes me money. (Almost every year for the past 4 or 5 years I've started a spreadsheet & immediately abandoned it.)

I suspect it's holding my attention in part because I've had a lot of clients so far this year & also because I have recurring clients who do things like receive invoices in 2010, but fail to pay until 2011. I even figured out how to use MS Excel's formula dohickey sufficiently so that it adds up the PAID column automagically.

There may even be a little inspiration from the idea that I'd like to be more professional in my business. And I'd like my organizational urges to spread to all parts of my life.

Bonus positive feedback: I've bugged multiple delinquent clients using info from the spreadsheet & that means more money! Woot!

The BF has returned from Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian chocolate. Score.

That is all.