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Where I Was - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Where I Was [Aug. 13th, 2009|12:04 am]
Kelly J. Cooper

I drove down to New Jersey on Monday afternoon. It took 5 hours: 45 minutes stuck in construction traffic, too many miles of 10-15 m.p.h. due to POUNDING rain, and the rest was just regular highway slogging to get the 215 miles between my current home and my old home. I got to the Courtyard Marriott on Rte 17 in Mahwah, NJ a bit before midnight, called home to confirm my arrival, & collapsed into bed.

Tuesday I went to Allendale, NJ and visited my Grandmother (recovering from eye surgery) and my great aunt Lucy (nursing my Grandmother), as well as my Dad and my Mom, who were in town to help care for my Grandmother and to see some cousins on my Grandfather's side who were in town on vacation.

Thus, Tuesday night, I went to Wycoff, NJ to see my aunt Marie, her husband, and my ENORMOUS PASSEL of cousins, who live in Erie, PA. (I keep wanting to spell that "Eerie.")

They were nice, if damp (my aunt & uncle have a pool). The adults are all my second cousins, once removed, and their children are my third cousins.

We ate pasta. Three kinds of home-made sauce were available. There were two ice cream cakes (from CAAAAAH-VEL). It was all quite tasty.

I returned to the hotel in Mahwah & went to bed after chatting with my Mom & then calling the BF to make sure he didn't forget about me.

Today, Wednesday, I went back to Allendale for lunch & goodbyes, then drove home again, another 220 miles or so back to Massachusetts. Once I was on the surface roads of MA, I promptly got cut off repeatedly. By the time I got home I was DONE WITH DRIVING FOR THE DAY. So. Very. Done. Unfortunately, I still had to go to Garden Club. Fortunately, the BF was willing to drive. Unfortunately, I couldn't string three coherent words together at the meeting for the first hour or so. Fortunately, my SGC friends are reasonably forgiving. Plus, there were snacks.

I've been offline for most of 3 days. I'm still catching up on LJ & email. I've got a little nostalgia schmutz in my eye, I think. It'll get better with some sleep. G'night.