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The Week In Review - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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The Week In Review [Nov. 13th, 2006|04:47 am]
Kelly J. Cooper

So this is an experiment in keeping track of what the hell I did in a given week. It is full of boring minutiae and amusing crap and stuff I did. I might do it regularly. I might never do it again. I dunno. I DUNNO! GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU DAMN KIDS!

Last Sunday, I relaxed after the Circlet fundraiser. It was lovely and low-key. Very happy making. Updated millionyear with Classic Comic Strips recommendations.

Monday, I slacked on getting to the ATL at a reasonable time. Despite a wakeup call, I slept most of the day. Bleah. But I did get there and put in a little over 3 hours. Made it home in enough time (by walking REALLY fast) to record Heroes (I'm a couple episodes behind) and watch Studio 60. Gave Cecilia feedback on the Fundraising thank you note.

Tuesday, worked at Circlet. Shipped three orders, dragged two more orders home with me to get them to the post office at some future point when it was open (one had to go to Canada & one was too big for the blue boxes). Thoroughly enjoyed watching Veronica Mars. Got an editing gig from one of my regular customers. Waited until the middle of the night, then called my old friend Eric (the dorky redhead) in Paris to wish him a happy birthday & catch up with him. He'd forgotten it was his birthday. What a dork! :)

Wednesday, woke up with nightmares. Then got a call from a potential client who said she'd email me her paper and call me back at 9pm. Dozed on and off much of the afternoon. Finally got up, showered, finished my homework for the Grant Writing class, and headed out to attend the final class. Good class. Walked back with the teacher (who lives 2 blocks away from me), stopped off to pick up the pieces for another editing gig. Missed November's Somerville Garden Club meeting though (boo!). And the potential client completely blew me off. Late Wendesday I posted a request for webcomics in print people would like to see millionyear carry.

Thursday, got up early (with help, of course), made it to the post office and shipped the two packages. Picked up lunch & went to the ATL early, disconcerting the folks who were already there, expecting to use the computers for quite a bit longer. Oops. They dealt very gracefully. Left a little early to go home, get my car, and hang out with rmd. Mmm, sushi and CSI. Back at home, I emailed a bunch of people who've been customers of Circlet in the past 18 months (and actually gave us their email addresses) letting them know about the new mailing list (here), the fundraising, and the eBay auction. Hopefully I won't get reported for spamming.

The BF was gone from Sunday afternoon until Thursday evening, and I'm proud to say that none of the fish died, the plants did not wilt, the garbage (from all three floors) and the recycling got put out, the bins brought back in, laundry done (AND removed from the dryer! twice!), dehumidifier emptied (several times), dishes done (at least three times), and I managed to feed myself at least two meals EVERY day. (This doesn't always happen.)

Friday, again with the sleeping half the day. Dammit! Got up & showered, picked up a book I'd ordered (The Accidental Fundraiser) and ordered my own copy of the MLA from the Porter Square Bookstore (where I discovered my friend Alexander works!), also picked up a 'scrip from CVS, then hung out with rmd a bit, ate dinner with the BF, and watched lots of TV. My cell phone freaked out and delivered a voicemail to me shortly after 11pm which had come in (without vibrating/ringing my cell phone) at 10pm-ish. Dammit. Set up email addresses at kjccreates.com and kjcedits.com. Updated the http://www.kjcedits.com web page. Reposted my armoire to Craig's list.

I also utterly failed to fulfill a personal obligation and I feel like a total jerk for it. Fuck.

Saturday, got up late, ate an egg sammich & did the dishes. Then I jumped online and read email. One definite and two likely scammers responded to my Craig's List posting. Fuckers. Posted the weekly shiplist in millionyear. Tracked the Circlet eBay auction for the individualized story & once it was done, sent an invoice (requesting that the buyer's preferences get emailed to me). Emailed an upate to ceciliatan. Wandered off and had tea with a bud. Came home for dinner. Watched some football and a recorded episode of Bones. Worked on inventory for Circlet. Completed one editing job and sent the edited files, while including a note, to the client. Started work on another editing job. Got about a third of the way through and have written a note to the client there too, with many questions. Fall over, thud, sleep.

Sunday, managed to turn off my alarm somehow. The BF got me up and I made it to the tail end of rmd's brunch. Did not make it out to the movies with friends. Did manage to finally get a shower. Logged in and discovered that the regular client was happy with my editing job. Worked on the other editing gig. Took a break for TV & dinner. Back to editing gig. Another question. More work. Blah blah blah. Updated millionyear with a list of recommendations: Comics for Boys. Updated LJ with this here posty thing and plan to go sleep shortly after.

I feel like I should draw some conclusions or make some sort of summary statement here.


Nah, fuck it.

[User Picture]From: lillibet
2006-11-13 01:24 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a good week--a fair amount of work done, lifestyle maintenance upkept, a good leavening of social interaction, with a few feelers toward the future put out. OK, a few instances of lameness and/or lethargy, but those are part of the balance, too. Well done!
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[User Picture]From: rmd
2006-11-13 04:14 pm (UTC)
new mailing list signup is busted. i forwarded the bounce message to corwin and mailman-owner.
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[User Picture]From: rmd
2006-11-13 07:39 pm (UTC)
btw, speaking of heroes, hiro has a blog
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