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Will Work For Comics - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Will Work For Comics [Jan. 1st, 2009|11:09 pm]
Kelly J. Cooper
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I am (unexpectedly) working tomorrow (Friday) from 10am-ish (when I open the store) until around 2:30pm, maybe 3pm. Come by and visit! Or come by and spend that hard-earned holiday cash your Great Aunt Betsie gave you.

(The boss' babysitting fell thru and the 15-month-old has a one-in-twenty ring-up rate. Plus, he drools (the baby, not the boss), which isn't the most useful thing in a store that specializes in paper products. But he does like playing with the shiny coins! The filthy, disgusting, SHINY coins. Euewwwwch.)