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Surviving Jersey - Body by Henson, brain by Seuss. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Kelly J. Cooper

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Surviving Jersey [Sep. 29th, 2008|06:30 am]
Kelly J. Cooper
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Drove to the bottom-most bit of NY Saturday afternoon. Arrived 1.5 hours before 20th high school reunion started. Checked into hotel. Found some former classmates. Was disturbed to find them in great shape, despite having borne children. Laughed a lot. Washed face and changed from traveling clothes in to comfy party clothes. Wore party sox (got quizzed later - mismatched tie-dye sox For The WIN!).

Went to party. Had a surprising amount of fun. Lots of people happy to see me. Re-evaluating my memories of myself as many remember me as funny (e.g., "You still make me laugh!"). Annoyed a popular girl or two by not recognizing their faces or names. Diffidently questioned 3rd grade tormentor - she has no memory of it and offered a generalized apology.

Got suckered into posing for pictures. *sigh* Hate double chin very VERY much.

Wrecked voice by being forced to hold conversations at shouting level due to aggressive DJ music playing. Ate reasonably tasty buffet food.

Many male classmates added height post-high school. A couple are way WAY too handsome for anyone's safety. Open bar played havoc with 38-year-old hormones and judgment calls. JUST SAY "NO!" TO DIRTY DANCING!

Was the only one who remembered to bring 1988 yearbook - it got borrowed a LOT. Also remembered to bring notebook for getting addresses and emails. Accumulated over a dozen. Didn't see three old friends I'd really hoped to... bummed.

Followed party to bar after ballroom closed. Had one gin-and-tonic. Cost $10 and made me weepy. Didn't have any more. More excellent chatting (Rome? Venice! Ireland? Scotland!). Went back to room around 2am. Read book to calm down & crashed out an hour later. Could not wake up to save my ass until around 2pm (bless you, late checkout!). Grabbed shower, packed, made phone calls, and drove down into NJ to visit Grandma.

Yay Grandma! 85 and still pluggin! Got to see my aunt too. Very awesome.

Snacked, chatted, gossiped about family, compared medications, left, got slightly lost, paid over $4/GAL for gas in NY, detoured in CT to the lovely suburban home of two HS friends who got married and have (fraternal) twin boys. Was fed again. Amused and amused by 3.5 year old boys. Much chatting, catching up, and hugging.

Got back on the road. Left CT for MA. Thought ahead. Used cell phone to renew prescription before arriving in town. Did not crash car. Arrived in town. Picked up scrips & a new hairbrush. Got home right about midnight. Called the BF & left voicemail assuring him of my continued existence. Ate dinner. The BF called back a short time later to assure me he was still alive as well. Finished damn book.

Catching up on email and LJ.

Tired. But surprisingly happy.

[User Picture]From: yesthattom
2008-09-29 09:13 am (UTC)
> Diffidently questioned 3rd grade tormentor - she has no memory of it
> and offered a generalized apology.

Congrats on that!
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